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We fell in love with cycling long ago. Years of fixing flats at the shop, gritting it out at races, braving icy commutes and eating instant noodles led us to a conclusion: this is all we’ve ever done and all we want to do. Urban riding is where our passion lies because of how accessible it is. It's riding you can do in normal clothes right out your front door. So we began designing products that we as urban riders would want to use. Our goal was to make these products beautiful, simple and useful: Portland Design Works (PDW) was born. We chose Portland as a home for the company because we figured you’d start a surf company near great waves or a wind farm on a vast plain. Likewise, we started our company in Portland because the bike-friendly culture allows tons of folks to get around easily by bike. It’s in this great urban cycling atmosphere that we design and test our products. Portland Design Works echoes the urban cycling culture we find inspiring.