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You've never had this much choice about how to dress up the front end of your bike, not even when Cinelli unveiled their "Splash" cork bar tape. Whether you feel like pink - yellow - blue - green - white blotched bar tape is 'right' or 'wrong,' we think it's difficult to argue against giving people choices (and not that it matters, but our Enhancement Brake Hoods actually match most of the colors in that tape). So whether you are a Campy girl or a Shimano guy - whether you want "Splash" bar tape, or Euro-pro white, we have the perfect set of HUDZ for you. Our Enhancement Brake Hoods are now available in two distinct compounds as well. Original offers similar firmness and tack to the hoods originally supplied with your levers, while our SoftGrip formula is 25 percent softer and provides 80% more grip.