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GT Bikes, based in Southern California, has been in the business of making great bikes since 1972 when Gary Turner launched one of the first performance BMX race bikes. Developing world class bikes in conjunction with the world’s best BMX rider such as Greg Hill, Eddie Fiola, Clive Gosling and Dave Mirra, GT grew into one of the biggest brands. With a BMX heritage and based in California the MTB scene was the perfect addition in the late 80’s . GT used the same model of developing performance bikes with the best riders, pioneering new suspension technology and the use of carbon fibre in MTB frames. Winning numerous World Championships in downhill and cross country racing with legendary riders such Nicholas Vouilloz, Steve Peat and more recently Atherton Racing, with Dan Gee and Rachel Atherton. Hans “No Way” Ray has been one of the figurehead of GT’s longstanding team rider program, setting the record for longest sponsorship deal of 26 (?) years and counting. It hasn’t always been about dirt, in the mid 90’s GT took there carbon technology and build track bikes for the USA Olympic team, the bike was later banned for being too fast. GT latest crop of Enduroad Grade models play perfect testament to the brands heritage across, dirt, road and track.