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Fibre Flare

Fibre Flare™ is all about side visibility and being seen when you need it most... A new take on the trusty LED lights that we've all grown to love and rely on.. LED bike lights have been around for almost 10 years now and have changed very little.. Some say when you find a good thing stick to it.. we say.. why not make it better..? Yep bike lights light up; but what's the difference? Bike lights aren't all created equal.. Regular bike lights light up brightly in a one primary direction (uni-directional).. and generally work well for traffic approaching from behind you.. but what about traffic coming from the side and other angles? Fibre Flare™ uses high intensity LED's to illuminate a flexible fibre optic core that lights up all around in every direction (Omni-Directional).. it can be seen at distances over 300 meters .. and yes you can make it flash too.. and like most LED lights it lasts ages and uses regular (or rechargeable) AAA batteries.